Mobile Video Poker

Computerised computer games first appeared in the 70s, and it was a natural progression from the popular game of poker to invent a video game based on that game. Video poker is played on machines similar to the pokie machine. Online video poker has become a firm favourite, as it is a straightforward game, with rules that are easy to learn and understand, as the idea behind video poker is the five card draw poker game, just played on a mobile screen with animations and graphics.

Essentially, the game uses the same rules as five card draw poker. The players will place a wager and then be dealt five cards by the machine. You then decide which of the five to hold and which to discard. You can be dealt new cards, and then the player with best ranking hand wins the payout on the table.

Choose Several Variants of Video Poker

When New Zealanders play video poker games online, they will be pleased to find there are several versions of the game to play. They all follow the same rules, but there are some exciting variants, like some may have special payouts for certain combinations of cards in your hand, or even the introduction of a couple of wild cards. These variations of the standard video poker will give you many added chances of winning. You can play Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Aces and Eights, Joker Poker and many of the forms of video poker.

There are also some celebrated video poker games that New Zealanders can play that feature progressive jackpots. You will have to place the maximum wager though, to receive a top jackpot payout. This is a great choice for regular players looking for an added way to win big payouts. Some of our NZ mobile casinos also offer a multi hand video poker option, where you can play from one to one hundred hands at the same time. This can be pretty expensive but the multiple payouts on offer from a single game can be huge. Actually many of the big casino game designers are creating fresh and even more interesting forms of the game. Each game is unique, and offers you some different, fun ways of winning pretty good jackpots.

Mobile Device Is A Great Way of Playing Games Online

Online casino games are becoming an enormous industry worldwide. Playing these games on a mobile device is also becoming the way to go. The ease of play, the convenience of mobile play is capturing the imaginations of more and more New Zealanders. Any information required by prospective players can be found here at We can recommend the best and most reliable mobile casino sites for players where they can open an account, find whatever mobile device they wish to use, and start all the fun of the games. These days most people in New Zealand have some form of mobile gadget, whether the smart phone or tablet, or even the latest in the line of exciting inventions, the smart watch.

One of the reasons so many players enjoy playing video poker even more than poker itself, is that there is none of the stress of playing against other players. It is an ideal game for people starting to play video poker, before they begin wagering real money. Playing mobile video poker is a game based on a combination of luck and skill, so it is a gratifying game for every type of player.