NZ Mobile Keno Casinos

Keno is a very old lottery game, dating back some two thousand years. It began in China, but was brought to the United States with the Chinese labourers in the 1800s. It is an easy game to understand and play, and the online version played on a mobile device is becoming popular in New Zealand too. Playing keno NZ online is pretty good value for players, as the payout percentages are a good bit better than in a land based casino.

Keno NZ is like most lottery games that are played all over the world. You pick certain numbers, and then you hold your thumbs that they come up in the draw. In mobile keno, however, you can play your special numbers in a variety of ways. You have 80 numbers to choose from, but only 20 will come up in each draw.

The Rules of Keno NZ Online

In the game of mobile keno, you mark the numbers you want on a special ticket with an X, from 1 to 15 spots. You can have a four spot or an eight spot ticket. New players generally pick three, four or five numbers to start off.  The game itself is usually fairly unhurried, giving you plenty of time to check your ticket before you play. Unlike bingo, where  numbers are called until there is a winner, the game of mobile keno is over when all 20 numbers have been drawn, regardless of whether there is a winner or not. If your numbers are drawn, you are a winner.

There are a few different ways to mark your ticket, and some are simple while others are a bit more complicated. There is a way bet, which is a ticket marked with two or more sets of numbers, and then there is a split ticket.  This is a bet with two or more groups of numbers separated from each other in some way. You can also have a combination ticket, which combines unequal groups of numbers to form various combinations. A ticket with a single circled number is called a king ticket, and this single number is combined with other circled numbers and not played by itself. This way of marking a ticket can be extremely versatile, and can give you a few more chances of catching a group of winning numbers.

Like pokies, mobile keno offers progressive jackpot games. The jackpot will continue growing until some lucky player wins the huge sum.  When you play keno NZ on your mobile for real money there is always the possibility that you will be the winner. And that is what is called a Real Lottery Winner!

Leading Online Keno Sites for You

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There are several varieties of mobile keno you can play at your convenience on your mobile device. All the games have simple rules and the numbers will appear randomly and with no pattern. You just have to pick the numbers you want, then sit back and see if you are the winner!