NZ Mobile Craps Casinos

Craps is an incredibly popular game in a land-based casino, as it can be one of the most exciting and noisiest games happening in the casino. This is true of the online edition too, as online craps can make you feel as if you are in a real casino. Thanks to modern technology, there are 3D animations and stunning graphics and sounds. This can also hold true for the game when played on a mobile device as well, especially if the online casino is top class.

Plenty of Good Online Sites in NZ

At we will help you find the best possible online site for you to play craps and experience all the excitement of the game. There are plenty of New Zealand online casinos and we have checked them all to find you the best ones, those that offer you great customer service, together with safe and secure banking options for your New Zealand dollars, as well as a great range of all your favourite casino games.  For players who are new to the game, we can recommend a number of sites that allow free play. This is a great way for you to learn the rules of the game before wagering any real money.

Basic Rules So Easy To Learn

Craps may look confusing at first but the New Zealand mobile casinos on our list will help to simplify the game for you. In fact, there are two main procedures to follow when playing craps. You make your bet and throw the two dice. There are various bets you can make, but the easiest bet to make is the Pass Line wager. This will give even money, so it gives you a good chance of winning. In the online casino, you place a stack of chips on the Pass Line on the craps table, and then shoot the dice.

The first roll of the dice is called the come out roll. When you throw the dice the first time, you may  roll a total of 7 or 11 on the dice. This is a natural, and with this you win your Pass line bet and the game is over. You can then begin a new game and bet once more. If you roll a 2, 3 or 12, that is craps. That means you lose the Pass line bet, and the game is over. You can then start another game. If you get any other number on your two dice, a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or m10, then the number you have is called a Point. You continue rolling the dice, and if you roll the Point again you have won that game. If you throw a 7 before getting your Point, you lose.

Craps Is a Soldiers’ Game Of Long Ago

The game of craps was developed by an Englishman, centuries ago, as a game his knights could play while they were besieging a certain castle. It is thought that the word craps was originally crabs. This game was played in England during the next couple of centuries, spreading gradually around the world, until in 1907, the rules were refined. Now that the game has moved to the online platform it has become available to everyone, and more and more people have learnt the rules of this so called mysterious game.

Now that we can play the game on a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet, players all over the world are enjoying this fast entertaining game.