POLi Mobile Casinos

Pay OnLine is abbreviated to its acronym, POLi in general online nomenclature, and is a fantastically convenient option for New Zealanders, and Australians by facilitating the transfer of money from their bank accounts to their POLi casino accounts with total security and confidentiality. This means that not only is online shopping dead easy, but taking on the fabulous table games and pokies games is just as easy to access safely!

Since 2008 POLi and grown remarkably and has steadily become a recognised feature in online financial transactions. POLi is part of the acclaimed Centricom group, which is based in Melbourne, Australia. The aim of the e-wallet is to customers, casino players obviously, facilitate any online payments by linking the transfer of funds directly and seamlessly between the customers’ bank account and their POLi casino account.

High Security is Needed by Everyone

In order to make use of the system, you simply install the POLi web browser. Once this browser has confirmed your computer meets a couple of minimum system requirements that include operating systems and browser compatibility. The moment these standard requirements are verified, you will have access to one of the most convenient payment systems available. POLi has a wonderful array of benefits, one of which is the most advanced security features in the industry. All that you need to do then when at one of the brilliant mobile casino sites from MobileCasino.net.nz is to select the POLi payment option. Click on your own bank and use the Pay Anyone function to pay the casino. In a flash you will be playing.

The POLi Simplicity

POLi software is effectively a single-purpose internet browser providing the interface for accessing your own banks’ website. POLi displays the dashboard with all the necessary instructions for completing transactions, which take place within your banks’ internet banking site. This eliminates the need for the casino or even POLi itself to see your bank account number. There is therefore no sensitive information involved in the transaction at all. The only data POLi has contains is the transaction receipt number, for confirmation purposes. The benefits of POLi are purely practical. This ease of use and straightforward simplicity has generated a fair bit of popular use, especially with POLi mobile casino high rollers.

Making Mobile Casino Play Safe

This is a real-time online service, so you have none of the delays or limits usually expected with other forms of money transfer. The UK based bookmaker, Ladbrokes, actually prefer this online payment method, recommending it to their clients and providing access to POLi. Many New Zealanders prefer not to use credit cards online, and POLI accomplishes this yet enabling customers to have immediate to their money. This immediacy applies to bonus offers and winnings achieved too, something which will gladden the heart of any POLi casino aficionado.

Very importantly, using POLi is free. In addition, with POLi being as secure as your own banking site, there is the benefit of peace of mind you will have when dealing with POLi casino sites. There are no signups involved or account management required. In an environment where red tape is an ever-present issue, having both instantaneous receipts and savings on credit card fees, coupled with an enormous convenience factor of not having to enter payment details, means POLi really is a great payment solution.